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First, find mara jade in NAMEDHEROUNITS.XML. Then, scroll down to her company unit. add the tags: <Build_Tab_Land_Units>Yes</Build_Tab_Land_Units>, <Build_Cost_Credits>specify a number here</Build_Cost_Credits>, <Build_Time_Seconds>specify a number</Build_Time_Seconds>, and comment out the <Is_Named_Hero> tag. Or you could just change the <Affiliation></Affiliation>tag to whichever faction you want(make sure if you do make sure it matches the other affiliation tag in mara jade's unit above.) Lastly, add her in any storyplot xml you choose(the name of the xml is given in a galacticconquest in campaignsgc.xml basically telling the game to spawn the heroes specified in the xml. keep this in mind when adding galactic conquests.) Also, google Star Wars: Forces of corruption for cheats, strategies, etc. Never know what you might find. And sorry if this is a little complicated got to work on my english. Hope this helps...

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