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The Scimitar flew over the icy plains of the backwater planet of Bryndar, the only two settlements were a small imperial Listening post and an old abandoned mining outpost that had been converted to a smuggling post. The Imperials were on the payroll of the Hutts to turn a blind eye to all that was happening on the planet.

As the ship approached the settlement it’s size showed how unimportant it was, two landing pads and four buildings is all that remained from the former mining station. The Scimitar didn’t even need landing clearance for a place like this as they rarely had one ship land here let alone more than two.

Not long after the touchdown the main airlock loading ramp began to lower and the whole crew stepped to together.

“I forgot how cold this place was.” Alec stated as he finished fastening the buttons on his jacket. “Spanner, Latch, Arelyn and myself are going to check out the Cantina, If Polcyc is anywhere he’ll be where the drink is.”

“Does that mean we can stay in the warn ship?” Ray Blink asked jogging on the spot to keep warn.


“Thank the force, a Twi’lek could freeze their Lekku out here.” Ray exaggerated running back into the ship.

“Come on let’s move.” Alec said walking towards the cantina.
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