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The news of any ship landing on the desolate planet always brought a flurry of activity and excitement. Since the ice age had taken hold of Bryndar, the planet had more or less turned into one big ball of ice, interrupted only by the small settlements that had become the equivalent of ghost towns over the years. Hardly any ships came by now-a-days, leaving what was left of the economy in a dead-end crawl. However, a new ship brought off-worlders - and off-worlders brought off-world credits. The minute the ship had been sighted, almost every merchant and business man's eyes lit up with dollar signs. Cha-ching.

Though the excitement wasn't evident on her face, Ellie could feel her heart quicken slightly as another swipe of hope took hold of her. This ship could be in need of a pilot, or...or...well, they could need something. She didn't care - she would be the ship's maid if it meant that she could get back to civilization without the aid of the scumbag Empire soldiers that were stationed at the outpost a few minutes' walk from her current position near the docks. She leaned against the wall, looking out on of the large, picture windows that looked out on both the ice land desolation and the two landing pads that were outside. The toothpick between her lips twitched slightly as she watched the crew disembark. There sure were a lot of them...but she wouldn't let that squash her hope. They would need someone, wouldn't they? Of course they would!

In order to get into the main settlement, Ellie was fully aware that they would have to pass through this very hallway - and she was currently debating whether or not she wanted to give them a chance to notice her as they passed, or if she should return to the settlement for a while and await them there. Perhaps in the cantina?

The toothpick swiveled again as her tongue moved against it, her lips readjusting around the wood as she watched the crew make their way up into the building. Decisions decisions.

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