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Latch strode next to Jyot on the engineer's right as they all walked into the settlement. Arelyn flanked Jyot on the left, not too close, but enough to keep his head in her peripheral vision. She was on the lookout to try and catch Jyot with his 'wandering eyes' and Latch could tell that this made his friend a little uneasy. The dark-haired Corellian couldn't help feeling a little bit bad for his womanizing compatriot, but he also couldn't help but be amused at Jyot's predicament.

Following Alec into the cantina, the three of them made their way towards the bar where Latch ordered up a round of Corellian whiskey for all of them. As Jyot took his glass, he looked over at Latch and whispered, "Why so generous all of a sudden?"

Latch smirked and tossed his hair back. "Someone's got to cut you some slack," he responded with a quick glance at Arelyn.

Jyot nodded as he could feel the Mistryl's eyes boring into the back of his head. "Truer words never spoken," he muttered as he downed his whiskey.
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