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Kadis' endless stream of expletives was interrupted by a beeping from the sensors. Something with a fusion reactor was coming from orbit, he could see the blip on long-range sensors.

"A ship..."

He could finally get off this wretched hellhole. The ships hull had been buckling over the past few days, and his scavenged cold-weather gear would only last for so long. They had a speeder in the cargo hold, too. Time to get out of here.

He grabbed some food and other supplies, hauling the dead captain's blaster out of it's holster and shoving it under his appropriated coat. He shrugged.

"Sorry, boss."

No sense hanging around here. I need to get out of here or I'm gonna lose it. Kadis opened the door to the cargo hold, hissing curses as the icy air hit him. This was where the brunt of the impact had taken place. He pulled his coat up and wrapped a scarf over his mouth, covering the thermal breather. It was lucky they had been shipping cold weather gear, too. He switched the speeder bike on and began mumbling quiet prayers to anything that might be listening that it would start.
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