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Alright, so maybe face-to-face meetings weren't exactly her thing - especially when she had no other reason to be there in that hallway than her desperate hope that maybe this new ship could get her off this damnable backwater planet. Being desperate was not a good way to get a position on the crew - and showing just how desperate she was would only put her in a position that she really didn't want to be in.

As such, Ellie had disappeared from the hallway by the time the crew came by, slipping away into the dimly lit cantina that bordered the docking area. The place wasn't exactly active, but it was far from sleepy. Half of those that still worked in the mine, salvaging whatever they could from the planet's core and the deserted buildings and stations that were left beneath the surface, were currently mingling in soft tones at the various table, one or two waitresses sprinkling themselves around the place. Knowing that no ship's crew immediately ordered a table, she took a seat at the bar and ordered herself a martini to wait.

Soon enough, she was rewarded. The group that had disembarked the freighter filed into the cantina, taking up spots at the bar. One of the men hardly seemed to notice that he took a seat only one over from where she was sitting, but she would change that.

"Offworlders, huh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked at him. "We don't get too many of those around here."

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