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Alec took the whiskey from the bar and took it all in his mouth in one go, his face began to look like hehad justsuckedon the bitter Nula fruit of Naboo and spat the liquid back into glass.

“How can an alcoholic beverage in this cold whether go off?” Alec asked as he sat at the bar. “Got any corellian ale in a bottle?”

The bartender brought the bottle over and placed it on the bar surface in front of Alec as he looked around the room. As expected there was virtually no one there save for a couple of waitresses and a small group of spacers gambling their sad lives away.

"Offworlders, huh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked at him. "We don't get too many of those around here."

Tannis turned his head and noticed another women in the room speaking to him, his first thought was ‘Spanner is going to lose his bet’ as he noticed she was quite young and attractive, Jyot’s type… well one of them.

“I thought everyone on the ice ball was an offworlder.” Alec replied taking a gulp of his ale. “Only two kinds of people on a place like this; people who are hiding and people who are stranded.”

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