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Nice one Alegis...I was just reading about the RAM-guzzler myth today as well and it cleared up some things.

Fact still is though: when it comes to raw benchmarks and FPS scores on the exact same system, XP comes out on top hands down...But then again: Xp's minimum requirements are laughable compared to Vista's, and as such it's not exactly comparable (if you know what I mean)

XP better for games? For DX9 ones maybe, but if you want to step into the future of DX10 you will have to upgrade...

A lot of it comes down to drivers as well, most DX9 games have limited or no support at all for Vista, nVidia's SLI is buggy as well apparently and it seems Ati (surprisingly) is managing to boost framerates in Vista with better drivers but "lesser" hardware...

A lot of factors to consider it seems, if I were able to upgrade, I'd probably dual-boot

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