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Free Trade In Death Sickness by A//Political (me favorite band of all-time)

A//Political was an anarcho/peace punk band formed in the early 90's who broke up in 1997. They were heavily influenced by bands like Crass and Conflict whom were the pioneers of peace punk. They had both male and female fronted vocals and even played along Crust Punk bands such as Detestation and Resist. They did a large tour with Riot/Clone and formed their DIY record label called Cr@$$hole Collective Records (The very well known Against Me! released an album and contributed to a compilation on that label). They play fast. And they are considered to be one of the best Anarcho/Peace Punk bands of all-time (my own bias aside). All you Misfits fans should check em' out. They're not street/horror punk... but I think that they'll satisfy your music tastes.

Dark Side and Light Side

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