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Originally Posted by Thor the Bassis
All the sub plots in JA just made the game feel like you were living a normal, boring life and then at the end you fought a battle. There is no urgency to the earlier levels and they feel like a warm up for the last level, which, in truth, should be a story of eight or so levels chasing tavion around the galaxy. This would add some drama to the game.

I feel a mod coming on...
Actually, I reckon JA would have been more interesting if it had been more different. Chasing Tavion would be like chasing Desann in JO. It would have been fine, but it could have been better too.

The "normal life" part is boring because it wasn't developped enough in my opinion. If we could wander around the Temple between missions, find goodies/whatevers, actually train like Jedi are supposed to do, pass various tests, etc., and if your mission choice actually meant something, I think it would have been more interesting. In its current state, what they did was to cut out what could have been interesting and unique, and slap random levels of sabre slaughter with a plot hook at the end.

Basically, I think JA should have had a persistant-type of campaign with more RPG elements thrown in. Instead of just playing a random guy through the levels, you would play the character you created - a jedi apprentice. For example, after character creation and the prologue you end up in the Temple and when you load the character (instead of just a random save) you pop back there. Your character could develop various stats/abilities in addition to foce powers, etc.

Just my thoughts =p

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