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UPDATE: The conference just ended, so here's a little summary.

I managed to start the topic on the discussion on Africa, and how to end conflict there. After writing up Resolution 1/1 [which would call for people to donate troops to help out peacekeepers as well as supporting talks between rebels and governments] and getting the support of the 5 Veto-Power Security Council members, we were printing it out. However, Qatar and Peru then called for changing the topic to focus on the Middle East while the paper is printed out. They succeded, and we focused on the Middle Eastern conflict. Thanks to Qatar, we focused on the Israel/Palestine conflict.

I wrote up a second resolution: 2/1 (which would call for Israel and Palestine to work on a framework for a road map for peace), which also got the support of all 5 Veto-Holders, but was hated by everyone else, including Qatar, for being, well, too feely-goody and doing aboslute nothing except calling for peace. It got quickly voted down, being the first time that I saw a resolution supported by USA, China, Russia, France, and UK but hated by everyone else. Meanwhile, Qatar drafted a pro-Palestinean resolution: 2/2, which has been hated by both USA and France. It got the signatuors necessary to go to a vote, but when Qatar went down to print out the resolution, we agreed to change the topic back to Africa.

After a close vote, and Italy being the tie-breaker, 1/1 passed. We then voted to adjorn the meeting, leaving 2/2 in the lurk. 2/2 was more stronger than 2/1 and could have had a chance at being passed.

[I guess that the worry about Iraq was not that great, because even the USA didn't want to talk about Iraq. Thanks to Qatar, the issue was directed towards Palestine, an issue that China supports greatly, due to the fact that it diplomatically recognize both Israel and Palestine and that it is helping to negogiate a treaty between them. Still, thanks for all your help.]

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