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How to believe in god: A discussion on faith

I was reading this article by Sam Harris when I happened upon the following satirical instructions for believing in god:
How to Believe in God
Six Easy Steps

1. First, you must want to believe in God.
2. Next, understand that believing in God in the absence of evidence is especially noble.
3. Then, realize that the human ability to believe in God in the absence of evidence might itself constitute evidence for the existence of God.
4. Now consider any need for further evidence (both in yourself and in others) to be a form of temptation, spiritually unhealthy, or a corruption of the intellect.
5. Refer to steps 2-4 as acts of “faith.”
6. Return to 2.
I've participated in various discussions involving faith before, but this highlighted for me that I don't recall ever seeing a person of faith define "faith" in detailed way. This makes me what wonder what I (or Sam Harris, et al) am missing when we refer to "faith".

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