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"Ah, so you're the gambling type... the type that can actually gain something by gambling." He extended a hand toward James. "Jerry Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Taylor & Marx Pharmaceuticals."

He stood. "Please excuse me for a moment... I seem to hear the restroom calling my name..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kathryn Davis radiated confidence as she entered Stark's office and took a seat across the desk from him.

"The Organization apologizes for the slight delays in completing this transaction," she said, getting straight to business. "It is rare that we don't have an operative on Alpha Centauri, but such was the case." She shook her head dismissively. "I trust you are prepared to complete the payment transfer... but of course you're going to want to see the merchandise first."

She took the clip out of her hair and it fell loosely around her shoulders. At a glance, the clip would have appeared to have been made of some sort of metal. A second look would have confirmed that it was in fact glass. Kathryn smashed it against the desk and the glass shattered, revealing a tiny chip that had been sealed inside. Withdrawing a chip reader from her purse, Kathryn slid the chip into the slot designed for it.

"That reader will show you enough to prove that we have followed through with our end of the deal," Kathryn told Stark. "I have my instructions to remain here until you have made the payment transfer to one of our accounts."
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