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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Best to assume it just isn't going to. That way you'll avoid any disappointment if you're right and be pleasantly surprised if you're wrong.

Speculation is all useless IMO, though. We've already got two great games with memorable characters, and it's obvious how KotOR III would end anyway (good triumphing over evil). I kind of enjoy having the true Sith kept in the dark, too - we all fear the unknown, and the reason I think the true Sith seem so fearsome is that they are unknown. That and we've not run into the inevitable troubles involved in integrating Revan/Exile into the story, or have had to witness *another* PC come out of nowhere and go from zero to hero. (Oh gods, if they did that again...)

So anyway, whether KotOR III comes out or not I'll be a happy camper. But either it will or it won't, and me speculating over it isn't going to change that.

I agree with most of what you said. Except for the speculation is useless part. Speculation is fun, and while it won't affect the outcome of Kotor III, it is a wonderful way to use your imagination. I hope that they make a Kotor III (and they can still make the True Sith mysterious, by the way.) if they don't there are always other ways to know the story.

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