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Originally Posted by tk102
Saying something is an untruth, implies you know the truth. Is that what you intended?
No. Saying something is a lie is implying that they know the truth. An untruth is more general as it is just something that isn't true. Of all the beliefs of a religion at least one must be wrong and so is an untruth, even though they do not know it is wrong.

Originally Posted by Rogue Warrior
That there are atheists use the specific example here, put the unethical into ethical makes me ashamed that they are representing a nonbelief of god.
They aren't representing a nonbelief of God but are representing a belief that no God's exist. There is a subtle difference between passively believing that there isn't a deity and actively believing that no God's exist.

If you passively think this then you have decided, for whatever reason, that God's cannot exist. You do not run you're life by this concept, much like the young child has no idea of God and so cannot run their life by this concept.

If you actively think this then you try to bring religion down and pick holes in it at whatever oppertunity. You would treat people who are religious as stupid because they believe in something they think is blatently stupid.

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