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Arrow Halo 3: LF members only!

I figured we should have an LF night for Halo 3 sometime soon. I see a lot of you nuts on my buddy list playing Halo 3, and I hope you all had time to finish the fight.

If I am not on your 360 buddy list, add me. My gamer tag is Darth Groovy.

Post here for time suggestions.

My free days this week are Tuesday, and Thursday, which means I am open during those days, and also on the previous nights. I'll also be open for Saturday night, because there is no way in Hell I am working this Sunday. Yes, that means Sunday is good too!

Warning, just ask Phreakeh, or ET Warrior....I absolutely SUCK at Halo, I'm only in it for the giggles. We had some good times when Halo 2 came out, so it's time to do that again real soon.
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