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I'm up for some. Forge, Co-Op, Slayer, whatever. I'm alright, I can kick ass at normal, but have trouble in heroic.

Just add Zerstorer23, I won't annoy you, but I'll gladly play Rainbow Six: Vegas, Halo 3, plus PGR4 and Orange Box hopefully in a bit, and sometimes Gears of War if you want. Add me even if I don't really know you that well...

Special note: I have a brother and a sister who I share the 360 (on my XBL name) with. So if you don't get a response to invites or something, just assume it's one of them. My sister plays sports games and my brother plays mostly Halo 3 and BioShock.

Skill level...
Halo 3: Average
Rainbow Six: Slightly above average
Gears of War: Slightly below average
DiRT/PRG3: Rather proficient

Oh, and I'm West Coast... Rarely a day I don't play 360, but sometimes I have bunch o' work on the weekends...

Handy guide:

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