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sam surely you have heard of the things King Rex has done outside the public view. his vice. his wine. his women. his horrible half-vice half-women. his half-wine half-vice. his horrid half-wine half-vice-half-half-vice-half-women. he is a monster and a wicked man with a cruel and vicious temper. he drinks many wines laced with vice and drinks his women after he beats them with their own vice. and he eats them.

rexs eat people.

carnivores eat things.

carnivores eat meaty things.

people have meat.

even King Rex's skinny vice-wine-women have meat.

and he eats them.

so we know even with his vice and wine and women and tempers Rex is still a rex.

we have fond Truth.

it is a miracle.

long live the miracle.

let us dine on fine wices and wines and womens to celebrate.

hold on sam im coming for you.

the vices and wines and womens await.

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We will be great failures one day, you and I
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