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we are not forced to recode a completly jamp.exe or a jasp.exe based on icculus source...

we could for example start with simply recode a dedicated jampded.exe and linuxjampded just to be able to fix all server related problems...

then if it works we could think in going farther and do a complete jamp.exe...

for just some Multiplayer needs of the dedicated server, there would be less work...
i mean we would just have to do the replacement of ghoul2 things...and fix the code in order to let it use the DLL based of the JKA SDK (a few trap call)....

are there other things to implements?

So you really think that would take a lot of time?
ghoul2 would be surely the biggest thing...

are there any changes in the protocol client/server between quake3 and JKA ?

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