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Conn wasn't quite sure he believed his eyes, but the fact of the matter was that Jeez had lifted a freighter and hurled it towards the stormtroopers and then had disarmed the Admiral, all after Ryshana had been shot dead. Glancing over at Beryl beside him, he could feel the rage and the turmoil swirling within her at seeing her master murdered in cold blood by her own brother. Her hand was trembling as she gripped the lightsaber so hard her knuckles were white. Conn reached out slowly and touched her arm. She turned her head to glare at him, the anger in her eyes making her look almost unfamiliar to him. He swallowed hard. "B, take it easy," he told her quietly, but urgently.

"No." Her tone was clipped, neutral. "Nuss isn't going to get off easy. Not this time." She stood up, Conn's hand still at her arm. She glanced down at him. "Don't try and stop me, Conn." She flicked her finger and her lightsaber ignited, the brilliant blue blade boiling out from her hand.

Conn looked from her face to the lightsaber in her hand, then back to her eyes. Hesitantly, he released her arm. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

For a fleeting moment, the rage in her eyes subsided and gave way to sorrow, and Conn's heart sank. "It's never been about what I want," she said. "But I'll be damned if I give Nuss what he wants, after what he's done." With that, she turned towards her brother and started walking purposefully towards him.

Conn looked over the bulkhead at her, the same old familiar feeling he got whenever Beryl would try something reckless sinking into his stomach.


Max cursed as she heard the sound of crunching metal outside of her shuttle. "What in Sithspit?" Her deft fingers flew over the console, working feverishly to input the commands to lower the energy shield around the base. By some stroke of dumb luck, the shuttle she had chosen was outfitted with a state-of-the-art electronics suite, making her job that much easier. "Must be some big shot's personal ship," she muttered to herself as she tapped the last sequence into the console. Grabbing a datapad, she plugged a transfer cable into the jack. After a few moments, it beeped and she disconnected it and shoved it into her pocket.

The shuttle rocked slightly again, almost causing Max to lose her balance. "Why do these kids always have to play rough?" she groaned, rubbing her knee. Making her way to the back of the shuttle, she poked her head just outside of the boarding ramp, quickly spotting Conn behind a bulkhead. She was about to call out to him when noticed something that made her stop short. Beryl was walking towards a garrison of stormtroopers, a lightsaber in her hand.

"Bloody hell," she muttered as she disembarked.
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