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Originally Posted by jesusfreaks_90
I'm not so sure Kas'!m in a recent interview with Chris Avellone (the main guy in the makeing KOTOR 2) at the end of the interview he said he cant talk about K3. Last time he had an interview he said that they would like to make it. Chris Avellone interview
You can't talk about something that doesn't exist. Just because he said that they want to work on it, it doesn't that they are going to.

they can't just leave us hangin
Of course they can. Don't you remember when there was supposed to be a Darth Plagueis book coming out? Look at what happened to that; apparently, George Lucas doesn't think we can handle that story. Apparently, he doesn't think we can handle KOTOR III either. Hell, they may not even make the game and decide to make it into a book and have Matthew Stover write it.
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