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I really don't want to get into this, but I want to just ask....

Why are you dead-set against "Conservative Christians" doing what is perfectly ok for them to do? You keep coming back very antagonistic/sarcastic when someone says something like this, but I'm just wondering why the heck do you take 10 minutes of your time to complain if you don't intend to do anything about it. I may not agree with what they are doing, but its not like everyone else does the same thing. Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Christian Conservatives, Anarchists (well ok, I don't know about them), everyone. Who cares?

Originally Posted by Achilles
They aren't benefiting mankind. They aren't furthering our general knowledge. It doesn't take long to realize who is being truly dogmatic and who is simply percieved as such.
Neither are you by posting this, last time I checked. Neither am I by responding. In fact, a whole host of things fall in that category. Doesn't mean a thing.

Originally Posted by Achilles
Faith: firm belief in something for which there is no proof.
Not trying to split hairs, but that is *Blind* Faith.

Originally Posted by mimartin
The biggest one on the Christian agenda is abortion (which I happen to agree with them about, but I not willing to force my beliefs onto someone that has a different opinion). Another example is their attempt to circumvent the Constitution by disguising creationism as “intelligent design.”
Ahem. Wasn't the Constitution written by men who were Christians? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, but....

Originally Posted by John Galt
YES. Even though I have a tremendous amount of respect for the US military(moreso than the rest of the government) and love democracy, I think that if we went to war with Iraq JUST to overthrow Saddam and set up a Democratic government, it was morally wrong. Now that we have found no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam is out of power (which were the first and fallback reasons for being there, respectively), I think we have absolutely no reason to be there and the American people are seeing that and have largely stopped supporting the war now that "victory," whatever the administration chooses to define it as now, in Iraq will no longer have any tangible benefits for the American people, other than soldiers no longer serving in combat and being able to come home, which would happen anyway if we were to pull most of our forces out of Iraq and withdraw the rest to the north of the country to protect Kurdestan.
And here you totally ignore the horrors and brutality that innocent people endured that occured under Saddam's reign. You also seem to forget that Saddam was in close contact and was even helping the people that killed thousands of our people on 9/11. Also, I think your viewpoint is selfish - you say that since it has no tangible benefit for us, we should leave. What about the people over in the Middle East that are being murdered by these crazy Iraqi terrorists?
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