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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Ahem. Wasn't the Constitution written by men who were Christians? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you, but....
But what? I’m a Christian too. I was answering Achilles request for my frame of reference for my comment:
Originally Posted by mimartin
I have the same problem with these people that I have with other groups that try to force their belief structure on to others through legislation and the courts.
In Edwards vs. Aguilera the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision affirmed the lower courts decision that a Louisiana law requiring if evolution was taught in public school then creationism also must be taught. Therefore, they were saying that the law was unconstitutional. I see “intelligent design” as an attempt by antievolutionist to get creationism taught in schools.

I have no problem if someone teaches their children creationism; I do have a problem when they want to force ALL children to learn creationism.

You are correct most if not all the men were Christians, but they were also learned men and they did not want to force a national religion down the masses throats. I still believe keeping religion out of the governments’ hands guarantees everyone’s religious freedoms.
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