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Originally Posted by Achilles
In a ideal world, we could all sit down to talk and reason this out, but ideology tends to make such interactions difficult. Dogmatic ideologies make them impossible. Is there some way I can cause them to abandon their dogmatic ideologies?
Oh, I get it. They have no right to disagree with you. They must be forced to abandon their beliefs because those beliefs disturb your sensibilities.

Just so long as no one gets any funny ideas about screwing with turkey-day.
Hey, I seem to recall an official name for that holiday...Now, what was it? Oh yeah, I believe it is called Thanksgiving Day. Who are we giving thanks to, anyway?

Show me a man who is twenty and not a liberal, and I will show you a man with no heart.
Show me a man who is forty and not a conservative, and I will show you a man with no brain.

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