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Originally Posted by jimbo fett 66
Oh, I get it. They have no right to disagree with you. They must be forced to abandon their beliefs because those beliefs disturb your sensibilities.
That's an interesting conclusion to jump to. I think Jae tried to accuse me of seeking to censor them in an earlier post. Is this a familial thing?

No, Jimbo, they are welcome to whatever beliefs they would have. However, if they were to take action, they would be guilty of doing exactly what you and Jae (and others) have attempted to lambaste me for here. Which makes me wonder if your convictions would still be as strong.

Originally Posted by jimbo fett 66
Hey, I seem to recall an official name for that holiday...Now, what was it? Oh yeah, I believe it is called Thanksgiving Day. Who are we giving thanks to, anyway?
IIRC, (American) Thanksgiving is holiday held to celebrate the end of the harvest season. According to wikipedia, the "who" is a native american named Squanto. Perhaps you had someone else in mind?
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