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Originally Posted by tk102
Yes, but the scientific method also requires observational experience for proof.
Indeed it does. Observational experience that is repeatable, verifiable, etc.

The fact that someone nearly died and believed that they saw god is only evidence that that person nearly died and believed that they saw god (EDIT: See step #3). The experience itself says nothing definitive about the existence of god.

Originally Posted by tk102
It is true that hallucinatory drugs have induced so-called mystical experiences. However, there is no other way to know what occurs in consciousness after death other than observational accounts given by those experiencing NDEs. The anecdotes are all that we have to go by. (I'm reminded of the movie Flatliners. ) If the anecdotes describe similar experiences, is it not reasonable to assume that upon death, we might also?
Indeed we might, but I think it's impossible to ignore the fact that the conclusion you appear to be supporting is being jumped to. Yes, if all human bodies/brains contain essentially the same structure and are made up of the same stuff, then I would expect that such experiences would yield similar results. What this doesn't tell us specifically is anything about the cause of the experience itself (EDIT: See step #1 and possibly #2).

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