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I found another small glitch in the game.
I was in Sasha's mind in the Shoe Box arena. I was near the base of the ladder that leads up to the platform between the Shoe Box tower and the first Censor Spigot. I had just blasted one of those Whiney Fireballs to my left when I noticed that there was a lit fuse just hanging in the air. It wasn't connected to a Whiney Fireball that I could see. Using a Psi-Blast on it had no effect. I went on to finish the Shoe Box level and moved on to the rest of Sasha's mind level. When I went back into Sasha's mind later in the game (you go back in after you gain the power of Levitation) to pick up any remaining figments, when I got to the Shoe Box level, the lit fuse was still there, hanging in mid-air.
I wasn't able to get a screen cap of it but if it happens again, I'll make sure I get a screen shot of it.

Edited to add: I went through the game again and found the floating fuse again. Here's a screen cap:

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