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Originally Posted by Achilles
Someone that remains skeptical will not necessarily suddenly become religious. Someone that suspends skepticism in lieu of a supernatural explanation surely won't have to go too far to find one.
So you're saying that such a person wasn't truly an atheist or agnostic to begin with and therefore, step #1 applies.

I suppose then there is a corollary as such (tongue-in-cheek)

How to disbelieve in God:
6 Easy Steps

1. First, you must want to not believe in God or anything supernatural.
2. Next, understand that not believing in something when there is no evidence for it is especially noble.
3. Then, realize that the absence of evidence might itself constitute evidence of absence of God.
4. Now consider any possible suggestion of supernatural experiences (both in yourself and in others) as being non-scientific, non-testable, and a corruption of the intellect.
5. Refer to steps 2-4 as acts of “logic.”
6. Return to 2.
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