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Originally Posted by tk102
So you're saying that such a person wasn't truly an atheist or agnostic to begin with and therefore, step #1 applies.
Afraid you're going to have to explain that one to me.

Atheist = someone without a belief in god. If one suddenly acquires a belief in god, does that somehow invalidate the sincerity of their earlier non-belief?

Agnostic = someone that believes that the existence of god is equal parts likely and unlikely but ultimately unknowable. And if they have an experience that they believe tips the scales toward "likely" and "knowable"?

Originally Posted by tk102
I suppose then there is a corollary as such (tongue-in-cheek)
To show that I'm not unwilling to take my own medicine:
1. First, you must want to not believe in God or anything supernatural.
This step is unnecessary. Non-belief is a natural state, therefore no first step is required.
2. Next, understand that not believing in something when there is no evidence for it is especially noble.
Gee, I'd prefer to use the word "rational", but "noble" feels good on the ego.
3. Then, realize that the absence of evidence might itself constitute evidence of absence of God.
But that itself would be irrational. The process would break down at this point (hence why I am not a supporter of anti-theism).
4. Now consider any possible suggestion of supernatural experiences (both in yourself and in others) as being non-scientific, non-testable, and a corruption of the intellect.
I could quibble over some of the words used here, but essentially correct.
5. Refer to steps 2-4 as acts of “logic.”
Impossible, since step 3 is illogical. Sorry, teekay.
6. Return to 2.
You should have called this "6 steps for being a skeptic".

Hey, is it just me or have you dodged just about every point raised in this thread? That isn't like you, man.

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