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Seeing the Echo land in front of him, Jeez just kept walking towards it. Despite all the alarms going off and the vague feeling of the bends, Jeez just kept walking forwards with an almost grim determination. "Umm, shouldn't we start running now?" Sam asked somewhat incredulously. Just shaking his head in reply, Jeez just kept walking. "OK, well, I guess you'd know better," Sam commented.

With the cargo ramp lowering, Jeez finally caught sight of Jana, Cloud, and Riebe. Running towards Jeez and Sam, Jana yelled out, "What happened? Do we need to get her to the medbay?"

With Jeez and Sam almost there, Jana caught up to them and moved to check Ryshana's pulse. "You already know the answer, so why do you bother?" Riebe yelled from behind them.

"She's dead, isn't she?" Jana asked as her hope began to fade.

Finally reaching the ramp to the Echo, Jeez finally replied, "Yes. She's dead. Where was her quarters?"

"Follow me," Cloud stated as he closed up the ramp.

"We're all here Jack. Light up the burners and lets get out of here!" Jana yelled into the comlink while pressing the button to close the door to the cargo bay.

Behind Jeez, the door closed with a heavy thud, and Jeez could feel the ship taking off. Following Cloud, Jeez just walked on in silence. Finally reaching Ryshana's quarters, Cloud opened the door and stepped aside as he watched in silence as Jeez slowly walked into the room and carefully laid Ryshana's body down on her bed. Crossing Ryshana's hands over her chest, Jeez studied her for a moment.

"Sir? This was her lightsaber," Cloud stated from the doorway as he held her lightsaber wrapped in a soft cloth. Looking over at Cloud, Jeez nodded his head. Stepping into the small room, Cloud removed the lightsaber from the cloth and carefully placed it under Ryshana's hands with the emitter facing upwards. Stepping back, Cloud gave Ryshana a respectful bow and then he left. With Jeez sitting on the bed looking over at Ryshana, he slowly slid down the bed. Using the Force, Jeez closed the door to Ryshana's quarters and locked it.

Thinking for a moment, Jeez couldn't help but ponder the irony. He had sacrificed his own life five years ago for her, and now, she had risked and lost everything to save him. Shaking his head, Jeez knew why she had done it. Love is a powerful force that in many ways can even rival the Force itself. Perhaps now with both of them sacrificing so much for each other, Jeez finally cam to the only true conclusion about love: even with the most noble of intentions, love is always fraught with disappointment. With his head hung low, Jeez could feel the Echo slip into hyperspace as his mind raced to remember everything it could possibly remember about the woman he had called his wife, his greatest friend, and his only true love.


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