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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy
I have you on my buddy list, but I never see you on...different gamer tag?

Most of you who posted in this thread, I have on my list, and I will put the rest of you who posted gamer tags on my list as well.

Currently, I have TiE, ET Warrior, Phreakeh, Dathmax, Bongobob, and jebbers. I'll be on later tonight, but I might be playing NHL with some guys from work. We'll see!
I saw you on yesterday. Your were playing NHL08 while me, Jebbers, and Tie played a co-op game. Afterwords me and 3 other buddies did the whole campaign on Legendery co-op and it was so much fun even though we died alot.

My gamertag is the one in my sig.

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