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Well... the animal rights group specifically said that they don't want to make the chimp recognized as a human, but as an individual. They have no intentions in giving the animal "human rights" (except maybe a few... but nothing drastic, like a driver's license).

Besides, Animal rights? What makes us think that we can GIVE animals their rights... humans are animals too ya know. Problem with our species is our undeniable arrogance in our own mental superiority versus other animals. We basically think that we OWN the damn world... which isn't true at all. Sure, we make the biggest IMPACT on it, but that's beside the point. The biggest difference between humans and other species is our abstract thinking, empathy, and the knowledge that we we're going to die. I thought that was very peculiar. No other animal knows that it will inevitably die. Except us.

Anyway, enough of that speculation... like I said earlier, the chimp is being recognized as an individual... not a human.

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