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snipped comments related to deleted material

And we could be spending $2 billion per day here making sure that didn't happen. You feel safer knowing that al qaeda and the madhi army are killing people over there that are supposed to protect us over here? I don't.
Yeah, I'm sure that NG or Army soldier is going to stop the guerrilla that straps a bomb to himself and drives into the late night Wendy's pickup window before blowing himself up.

And, btw, it's not cowardice, it's smarts and necessity.
It's actually a little of both, especially if the target is civilian and not military.

Yep. First, they don't care if they die. In fact, they're hoping that they do because that means a first class ticket to paradise. Second, their sons and brothers probably miss their dads and older brothers and will never forget how the americans killed the breadwinner and left his family in strife. So a decade from now when an impressionable young man with a lot of anger get offered a chance to kill americans and earn a trip to paradise all in one shot, I'm guessing he'll go for it. So yes indeed, we are in fact running a very serious risk of making the world more dangerous by killing these terrorists. Of course this doesn't really account for all the terrorists that we inadvertently create via the same process compliments of collateral damage.
Yeah, we should just resign ourselves to the death of 1000 cuts.

Guerrilla tactics were used. Not all of the fighting took place on battle fields.
Technically, anywhere you fight is the field of battle, but I'm sure you basically meant "set piece" battlefields. Still, I agree. All major wars contain some element of guerilla warfare (especially if specops forces are involved).

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