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Jedi Knight Installation Problem

Okay, I had some problems running Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 on my Windows XP (Media Center) computer, but I finally was able to play it by copying the files off of an older computer that ran it fine, and it was all well and good. Then it started stopping responding when I started it up. So I copied my saved games onto my hard drive, and deleted the game, and tried re-copying it off my older computer. And it didn't work. Tried installing the game direct from the cd (which hadn't worked before, but I figured I'd try it again), which didn't work (Setup would pop up, but when I clicked on "install" It would just quit the setup like it was going to install, and just not do anything), so I tried manually copying files from the cd's, which worked okay, except that I didn't have any saved games, which I wanted. So I tried copying over some games, and somehow managed to screw the whole thing up. I've tried re-doing the manual install, and it seems to work fine (MP works okay), but when It tries to load a level, when it gets close to the end of loading, it has an error message that says it's unable to load level, and goes back the main menu. I've tried tinkering around with some other stuf, restarting, the whole bit, and can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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