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By it I refer to the way atheists negatively present themselves, and by extension atheism as a whole despite the fallacy of atheism being portrayed solely on the individual. Such as? Being arrogant, they use their intelligence of how evil religion is to beat down those who do not agree. Bullying, they keep on pressing the issue and pressing the issue. Condescending, they treat those who do not agree with them as though they are idiots. Double slandered, demand answers to their questions and then avoid any that they are asked. Ego maniacal, they go off about how they are 'such a smart ****.' Fascist, anything that is not of their own belief is immediately dismissed as being deluded. Goading, they try and bait their opponents in a debate to act. And then there are those who feel that hatred, intolerance and even violence are acceptable methods of dealing with the evil of religion.
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