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Well i havent been on the forums for a while but i did follow Kotor Tool from its early stages and checked in about every 2 months since the last release, i love it
Right now it can do most everything i need, actually everything i can do, so im happy with it, i would welcome a new version, but just releasing the source code and finding someone else to pick up the torch is an option to, cause youre right sleep is important, i had to learn that the hard way too

and people if you really really want one im sure sending in a buck wouldnt hurt, think of it like this if everyone who used it sent in a dollar he could be a well off man right now, ok well mabye not but extra cash is a nice incentive to coming back

ill send you a couple bucks if you do make one, or promise one even (and everyone else should to, just a dollar)

even if you dont make one GREAT TOOL, its excelent
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