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Originally Posted by achilles
No, we didn't have evidence. In fact, we had an operative go the the country where Saddam allegedly bought the nuclear materials that came back and said that there was nothing. We had U.N. weapons inspectors in the country looking where the intelligence told them the weapons were and saying there was nothing. So, no, we didn't have any evidence.
Nice job sidestepping the name of your "credible" source. He actually told 2 different stories and I believe the lawsuit he and Valery Plame tried to gin up went up in smoke. The interesting sidebar is that while Tim Russert didn't do jail time for his flagging memory on the issue, Libby did. Some justice.

Originally Posted by achilles
snippedIt's entirely possible, but your accusation is not going to persuade me. You'll actually need to provide some sort of evidence that should cause a reasonable person to question the validity of the information presented (i.e. flawed methodologies in the data collection, etc). Kinda like what I did when I pointed out that your source is the mouth piece of a neo-con think tank.
Ashame you don't apply the same rigorous attitude toward your own sources of info.

snipped reference to deleted comments

Originally Posted by achilles
Of course it does. If the terrorists come here, we've got troops here to defend the citizens that are here. Armed guys in uniforms at the airports. Fighter pilots ready to scramble. National Guard guys at large public events to help act as security.
Yes, they'll come in really handy when it's time to clean up AFTER the suicide bomb has gone off (assuming they aren't killed in the blast).

Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Yes, we shouldn't kill terrorists because if we kill them, we make the world more dangerous!
Yes, that sounds exactly like what I said.
My but that sounds extremely naive. Makes one wonder what you'd be prepared to do beyond trying to "talk reason" to them. Like I said....death of a thousand cuts.

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