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The Thread about everything to save space

from bigger ships to annoying lil brats who just yell at the game for being crap when its actully awsome to planets to other stuff this is the thread to post see starwarsphreak im trying tosave space this time!


it would be cool if there was like a secret mod thing for an XBOX and stuff so you dont have to buy a computer version of the game to make your own map and like do other really kwl stuff. And as i hav said before upgrades of troopers. And i also like the idea of changing the insides of ships because it would be cool if your in your own ship with your own technology and base then when you raid the enemy its totally diffrent thats what i want in the real games its fly to enemy OMG its the same wow! amazing that would be a cool change


another cool change WHATEVER YOU DO DONT CHANE THE MAIN VEHICLE OR GEONOSIS for the clones yea its tottaly awsome PS i also think its very unfair how the galactic war thing gets to play on alot of ep 1-3 maps when we cant even play on hoth for clones! i mean the AT-AT or what evers look like the geonosis clone vehical respawn thing and since rebles get ships droids could have s uper speacial level where there allowed there ships or we could let them use the reble thingys they fly in hoth

were back *droid guns load*

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