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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Nancy's argument is that atheists should be extra careful to play really nice with theists because they....well I'm not sure what her reasoning is, but I think it has to do something with scaring them off or offending them or something.

My contention is that this kind of thinking isn't present anywhere else. People that don't believe in the loch ness monster don't feel compelled to walk on eggshells around those that do for fear of offending them somehow. Neither do they worry too much about trying to gently cajole them into maybe someday just possibly thinking about reexamining their beliefs (but only if they want to. No rush!).

If I walked up to people on the street and told them that god spoke to me while I was rolling around in feces, they'd think I was nuts. But if I told them that he spoke to me while I was rolling around in church, they'd tell me I was blessed.

So, as I have stated several times before, I'm don't think for a second that I'm ever going to be able to reason with Nancy, or Jae, or Darth InSidious but perhaps my dialog with them will strike a chord with others. The gist is that the flies will do whatever they want, so the whole vinegar vs. honey thing is pretty irrelevant.
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