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Thanks Kas'!m, Rev7, Prime, lordofmalachor, jediphile for your opinions....
Originally Posted by Jediphile
Indeed, it would have been easy to write lots and lots of stories about the early days of Revan, exile, Bastila, Malak, Nihilus, Sion, Kreia, Visas, Mical, Canderous... you get the picture.
This is what I want but for the game!
I mean I don't want the series finish instead I want more and more KotOr ... and stories about the characters sounds good to me.
Originally Posted by Jediphile
Sure, you can have references to Zayne and his companions in the games, but you can't put the characters in a game, since that would interfere with the writers (of the comic books) creative control over the plot. Doing so is poison to good storytelling in my experience.
What I want is only the possibility that I can play a character like Zayne Carrick because he is not a super jedi like revan or Exile and this could be interesting at least for me, but based on the comic Zayne or his friend don't need to meet the game's characters...
Originally Posted by Jediphile
This means we can have cameos by Carth, Saul Karath, and possibly Malak and Revan in the KotOr comic books during a time when it is already established that significant events in their lives took place and which can therefore be explored in more detail than we've seen before - nothing changes
Exactly, Revan possibly never meet Zayne, same for the Exile. But he is important to the game story so I think is a good idea to talk about him or his friends in the game at least... but really I like to see an option in the game or a game completely apart for Zayne and his friends... maybe this could be the beginning of a KotOR series like Final Fantasy

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