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Originally Posted by mimartin
Tim Russert memory stayed the same throughout the ordeal. Mr. Libby is the one that changed his story on 07/10/2003 he told the grand jury he learned Plame’s identity from Russert. Later he recanted that and “remembered” seeing a note that jogged his memory and really heard the name from Cheney.

Another big difference Tim Russert is a reporter and private citizen, while I. Lewis Libby was a government employee and must abided by the laws and rules that job is govern by (just like the rest of us). You should not feel sorry for Mr. Libby after all the big boss pardon him, would he have done the same for Russert?

Problem is that Russert himself admitted that he "couldn't rule out" the subject coming up, but that he had no specific recall of it. Sounds like HC with the Rose Law Firm files. Libby, by comparison, tried to cooperate with the prosecuter and was fried for it. Seems they had to settle for a smaller fish when they couldn't get Cheney et al. Basically, the lesson of Scooter Libby is that if you you don't recall spefics, stick to that story. When criminals use it it's called the 5th Amendment. When journalists and politicians resort to it.....I guess it's called convenient memory. Btw, if one is "lying" to a prosecuter.....I don't recall there being any distinction made about the employment status of the "liar" in the law. Someone like Russert, Novak, Matthews, Rather et al must be just as honest as any government employee. As for pity.....I wouldn't waste it on Scooter less he were completely thrown under the bus (ie. no pardon).

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