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Originally Posted by Corinthian
Precisely. It's just his word. So until you get some corroborating evidence, would you kindly can the definitive statements about how sadistic and evil our military commanders are.
Hello wise sir. Since you would very much like to see evidence of American "sadistic and evil military commanders", I thought I would give you this little link:

But alas, since you and Mr.RobQel-Droma make yourselves out to be such American history experts, human rights experts, and seem to have about a dozen Ph.D's in many various fields (judging from how you make statements propaganda, and the "9/11 attacks"), this probably isn't news to you.

I am curious as to whether or not you will fail to see the similarities of how the American Military handled Vietnam and now handles the Iraq War. I doubt you will question the authenticity of this information as it is sourced very well.
This is straight from the Los Angeles Times, and the report is written by a freelance journalist who did his research.

If you would like a report such as this about the Iraq War crimes, then I am afraid I will have to make you wait for about 30 years or so until the military documents are declassified.


For people who are interested what Vietnam Veterans have to say about Iraq:


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