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I've heard countless arguements about the length...and what the story should be. Now,

I have an Idea.

With regards to the story, why not take the KOTOR I Storyline, modify it slightly (add a new star map that you missed before, maybe, or actually be able to Take over sith Acadamy - just something to make it better) and the KOTOR II storyline, tweak that also, (maybe add a Jedi Master you meet by accident, or an encounter with Revan?) and combine them. Two good 40 + hour games combined would form a decent 80 + hour game, with a familiar storyline.)

How would they do it?!, you ask?
After you play the "updated" KOTOR I storyline, simply have the Ebon Hawk enter Hyperspace at the end of the KOTOR I storyline, have "FIVE YEARS LATER..." appear on the screen, and show the damaged Ebon Hawk float towards Peragus. Of course, they could also add a new storyline, (maybe a Pre-KOTOR I story that you get to after completing the KOTOR II line - it could say "TEN YEARS LATER..."
(If they did it right, they could possibly get 120 + hours of solid game play, although 80 hours (of it) would be a refresher course)
So summary: as long as possible, without becoming needlessly complicated.

(The "FIVE YEARS LATER..." thing is commonly used in movies/games to show a (relatively) long period of time has passed.)

In closing...
Sorry for taking so long/if I hijacked this thread I sincerely apologize

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