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I personally believe that remains to be seen.

After all, Jim Ward was named president of LucasArts in May 2004 and it was also announced in May of that year that the Xbox and PC versions of TSL were scheduled for release in Feb. 2005. It was after this time when it became known that the Xbox version of KotOR II: TSL was pushed up from Feb. 2005 to Dec. 2004. While I have no solid info to base my opinion as to the reason why KotOR 2: TSL got pushed up the move smacks of a new chief who wanted (or perhaps needed) to make certain year-end financial targets...

Jim Ward is still president at LucasArts and though he talks the good talk and perhaps has even demonstrated his commitment to quality games by allowing TFU to be pushed out from its originally announced Nov. 2007 release to Q1 2008, I hope that is because he learned his lesson with KotOR 2: TSL.

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