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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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((OCC- Sorry for the delay, it just sliped my mind to post.))

Lighthammerís large foot swing downwards and smashed into the head of a fallen Goro, crushing its skull between its heavy foot and the hard soil. Letting out a high pitched screech satisfied with itís kill, the dragon rider patted its scaly hide as he also raised his hammer. The Hamill Dragon charged forward at Sebanís command towards a Minataur who also charged for the dragon and its rider. The horned beastman rose his axe high snarling as it ran to collide with the reptilian mount. Seban swung his mighty warhammer round as the dragon turned itís body to the side allowing itís dwarf rider a better chance to hit. The hammer struck the Minataur square in the chest throwing it back with all it Ribs broken and lungs collapsed.

The legionnaire had dismounted his horse and let it ride out of harms way while he fought the warriors of Abtai foot to foot. Stathorn lunged forward with his longsword to pierce the armour and flesh of an enemy Goro. His shield swung up over his head as a Minataurís axe came crushing down upon it, most shields would have buckled from the strike but the legionnaires shield was made to take such force. With his sword still resisting the Minataurs axe the silver blade swung across stomach of the aggressive beast spilling its insides on to the floor.

Stathorn lowered his shield and sword to look around the battlefield, it seemed one only a few of the of Abtaiís soldier remained alive and were all being dealt with by his companions.

A Goro leapt from nowhere and began to descend towards the legionnaire with his blade up over his head ready to slash downwards. Stathorn called upon the power with in him to ignite his sword with fire and held it out and allowed the Ape man to fall on to the burning blade.
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