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I read somewhere that originally Order 66 was supposed to be executed a lot differently. The theory was (I think) that Darth Sidious was so powerful with the Force (and with the use of kyber crystals, if you get into the expanded universe) that he would actually telepathically influence the minds of the clone troops that were all over the galaxy at a moment in time (using the Force to transcend space) and force them to kill the Jedi generals they were being lead by. This alternate story also supported Sidious's decision to eliminate the droid armies and instead to have a sentient one, one that he could manipulate and control using the Force, whereas with droids he could do nothing which wouldn't have appealed to him. This alternate theory would have also been supported when reading the Thrawn trilogy, when Thrawn explains to his second-in-command, Captain Pellaeon, that the reason for the Empire's defeat at Endor was mostly due to the death of Sidious. Without his presence to boost the morale and coordination of the Imperials thru the Force, the Rebels were able to destroy The Executor and other Star Destroyers and send the Imperials scrambling.

I thought that version of the execution of Order 66 was a lot more interesting then Sidious just sending an order to clone commanders from his office (lol). It would have also reminded us that Sidious was "clouding the vision" of the Jedi and also influencing and controlling the weak-minded Senators thru the Force. I always liked that version too because it showed the audience that Palpatine was manipulative, conniving, and power hungry and he was REALLY good at it, the best at it. That was where his true strength really was, manipulation and control, not in combat so much (as shown by Mace Windu and Yoda). He worked from the shadows to bring the Republic and the galaxy to his mercy and brought that structure crumbling down around the Jedi until there was nothing they could do to stop it. It was also the reason he needed Vader to be his errand boy, Sidious works behind-the-scenes and he needed a lapdog for the more "hands on" work, someone to dispatch his enemies and the strong-minded people he couldn't control thru the Force.

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