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Well...try using your force powers in creative ways.

If your playing with a mouse, bind your best powers to keys that your fingers can reach without having to pause from fighting them.

I use the arrow keys, and I binded/bound (not sure how one would say that) force push and pull to the Number pad on the right side of the keyboard, which my left hand can easily reach (for me, I don't mind having to reach over to cast protect and absorb, as long as my enemy isn't in my face).

I used to frown upon using force powers, thinking it was kind of cheap, but when I was saying this I was playing in the mp map Imperial Control room just spawning reborn and stuff.

After playing MB2 some, and playing the new duel_vjun map for it based off your SP duel with Rosh, and I looked out the windows of the map, seeing how high up you were in the throne room, and thought it looked cool. Especially since I seemed to remember the windows of that room being blacked out in SP.

I had to go back and see for myself, and I loaded up vjun3, and fought ym way through it. I died several times, not having the killer instinct to unleash my force power, thinking it was *gasp* cheap.

I had forgotten how ingeniously Raven designed their levels, and how map-placed NPCs were so much tougher than spawned ones, having waypoints that actually allow them to move, and scripts to give them twice as complex behavioral patterns.

So Force powers are good and fair (except I think level 3 buff powers like speed, protect, and rage are too easily used to defeat bosses), and actually I'll admit I play with unlimited force power, and G_sabermorerealistic 1 on, which makes certain enemies easier to defeat, hence my saber having a 90% chance to kill them in one quick swipe, or one clean critical hit if a saberist.

I never got around to taking off the force, maybe I will tonight.

Anyways, if you want to speculate or borrow from my knowledge of the SP sabering system itself, this is your topic, I'd be happy to discuss pure Saber SP fighting techniques (except for hit and run tactics, we all know how to do that).

I've found out a little bit more about the SP saber system since I last posted.

Even though I knew this a while ago, in SP, Duals and Staff possess more raw power than single saber does. And strong style doesn't count, that didn't even exist in the movies, Vader used more of a desann style, with the exception he sometimes wielded his saber two-handed.

If you run up to a reborn with a staff, you will easily overpower him (except if it's a reborn master, but they have huge sabers and parry bonuses), if he's in anything but strong style, and even if he is in strong style, you will easily break his guard and stagger *cough* "stab" *cough* him. Kind of the same thing for duals.

However, as the player, you can further exploit single sabers versatality, it has the best special attacks, and it has a kata that you can perform while moving, plus you can either have MAX offense with strong, if you can hit with it, and a absoluely seamless balster bolt defense with fast style (Duals and Staff are almost as seamless, but not quite as good).

And if you and your opponet are both wielding single, and you are both using either fast style or medium style, align your style with your opponets, medium style can block medium style exceptionally, while fast can block fast exceptionally (fast can block anything well). When you are both in the same stance, you will find yourselves parrying and staggering eachother a lot.

When fighting Reborn_new, they tend to parry you a lot, seeing as they are the only saberists in the game with level 3 saber attributes. You actually parry them about the same amount, but it always seems as though they parry/stagger you more. The reborn masters are also tough in this fashion, but they don't stop at blocking well, they're more devilish than that.

Reborn masters, no matter what stance they're in, will imediately start auto-combing you using fast style swipes (they can do this no matter what kind of saber they wield) once you get in close, and if you lose yourself open a lot, eventually they'll get a hit, and sometimes, being slashed staggers you, and if your staggering and can't move by the time they do they're second auto-slice, your done for, that is if the first slice didn't get you.

I don't encourage hit and run play too much, you don't always have to take the pressure off your opponets, it's very fun to try and go toe-to-toe with tougher enemies and even bosses.

Also some tips for using Force Push on enemies that are well-adapted to resisting it. Push them while they or in the air, on reborn_new, it may knock them down, any tougher and they will only fly backwards, but it still works.
Sometimes you can knock down reborn with push, while 60% of the time they resist it with ease.

Try to gauge moments when the reborn are doing certain maneuvers that in real life would make them easily pushed over while doing so. Sometimes when they're running at you you can push them over, or when they're doing a swing. They can still resist during those actions, but you eventually can develop an instinct for when they're open for knockdown via force power. It also helps to have your crosshair on them while while pushing.

EDIT:If anyone wants to discuss anything, please do it in my "Tips for dueling tough NPCs" thread.

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!

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