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Well, I like Kyle's walk just the way it is (looks more badass IMO). Anyway, here's a little DIYS:

Open assets0.pk3, extract models/players/_humanoid/animations.cfg, open that file in an editor, find the line starting with BOTH_WALK1, delete it, copy the line starting with BOTH_WALK2 and modify it such that it reads BOTH_WALK1, wrap that file up in a new pk3 file with a filename that comes after assets0 lexicographically (using the same path within), put it in your base folder, start a new map (unfortunately, saved games will still use the old animation set), voilá.

NOTE1: this will not cooperate with any mod that changes animations itself. For that, you have to start with the animations.cfg from the respective mod, and make sure the name of the new pk3 is lexicographically greater than the other mod's.

NOTE2: I only tested this for sp. If you want it in mp, I'm afraid I can't help you.

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