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I still love to do saber duels in jk2 sp, only a bit different; I like to call it "jk2sp scenic combat". The point is, I'm trying to make the duels look as good as possible, which means not trying to dispatch your opponent as quickly as possible, but to have a prolongued exchange of blows (like in the movies). That means, you have to try to hit the opponent's saber rather than the opponent himself. I tell you, that is not an easy thing to do; I'd love to have duels that last like 2 minutes ore more, but usually the duels are over before a minute has passed with either me or the opponent winding up dead. The secret is to know when and where to strike with your saber to achieve parrys, knockbacks and all the stuff that make duels more movie-like. Another goal is to include fancy moves and combos, including those that are otherwise not prudent to use because they leave you open; here, you're trying to do those very moves and don't get hit doing them.
Then, after some time duelling, you'll have to try to finsih you opponent with a badass move, like dismembering him or sending him off a ledge or both. BTW, I'm using g_dismemberment and g_dismemberprobabilities instead of g_saberealisiticcomabt, since with the latter it is so much harder to control when to deal damage and when not; and control is everything in scenic comabt; to stiil get the instakill feeling for lightsabers, I'm duelling with 50 health / 0 armor for me, 100 health for the opponent (that way he will not die as quickly if you're htting him unintentionally, but you can still kill him with a single well-placed saber strike combo, if you want to.)

If you're doing all that in a decent looking map, with some exciting duelling music and a good saber sound replacement (the default clash sounds are dull, honestly), it can get quite intoxicating, I tell you.

Now, to those of you who prefer jk3 over jk2: I've tried the same thing in jk3, but for some reason, the duels never get nearly as good-looking as in jk2; the jk3 AI seems to be inferior to the jk2 one (maybe it's just me, but I think it's spamming rolling stabs; well, the jk2 AI is spamming lunges/ydfas, for that matter, but it still looks better than what the jk3 AI does). And, to be honest, I don't really like the dual saber / staff animations in jk3 anyway, neither the new single saber attacks (except Force Pull Impale), neither the new (for sp, at least) force powers (except Force Long Leap).

So, I'll stick with jk2. The only dropback of jk2 is: it's far less open to modding, which is sooo sad. When I come to think of it: jk2 had it's five year anniversary this year, right? Wouldn't that be an ideal time to start a new petition to publish the sp source code?

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