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Originally Posted by Weave
Do humans naturally eat meat?
Well, chimps do, so I suppose (if you believe in evolution) that it's natural for humans to as well. And, yeah, I agree with Sithy--canine teeth, enough said.

Have to say though that the PETA video you linked us to is just bloody awful, but it does show the reality of the corporate farming industry and the consequences of hiring minimum-wage (or less if they're illegal or only casual workers), untrained farm laborers to produce cheaper eggs, dairy (which includes cheese and ice cream, mind), and meat for mass consumption. Having been brought up on a farm (and currently living on one,) I can honestly say that I have never seen such horrible treatment of animals as was shown in that video, whether it be chickens, pigs, or cows. What's shown in that video isn't in any way, shape, or form 'industry standard'.

I am particular where I buy my food, and try to buy local as much as possible and free-range or organic when I can't. For example, I *know* my eggs are free range, because I buy them from the farm down the road. I don't mind paying a bit extra for certain items, and if people don't want factory farms to continue, then they should vote with their wallets when it comes purchasing those 'cheap' factory farmed meat, poultry, and dairy products.

((I do have to wonder though why PETA didn't include farmed fish in its video. Fish is 'meat', too, after all. And I imagine that some of the 'farmed' fish (catfish, trout, salmon, etc.) are kept in rather cramped conditions. But I guess it's pretty difficult to show a fish as cute and cuddly.))

As for protein alternatives, I'm very wary about soy and actively try to avoid it. (Hard though when it seems to be in *everything* nowadays.) I'll get my protein from fish, egg whites, cheese, milk, and the occasional lean Angus-beef steak, thank you very much.

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